Calepin Studio is a french indie game company created in 2016. The founder of Calepin Studio is ABRIAL Sylvain.

Enthusiast game developer since 15 years, i started to make some mods at 11 years old for Age of Empire I and to learn 3D modeling on Wings 3D. Later i continued on Blender 3D, to create some games with the Blender Game Engine and some mods for many games (Age of empire II and III, The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, Neverwinter nights 2,....,), just for me. After my studies of Web Developer, i learned the C,C#,C++ and the Python languages.

Today, i'm lucky to work with my passion and i hope to continue very long time!I work with only free softwares and with many times, ideas and a good computer! For the game engine, i use the Blender Game Engine with Blender 3D software. Very powerful engine and open source and free. The next list are the softwares that i use for develop the games: