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Calepin Studio
Calepin Studio is independent a video game development company created in 2016.

What is Reliefs ?

Reliefs is a platform and a puzzle game to the first person in the roman empire age. Visit a huge world full of obstacles, ruins and puzzles to understand the story of your character and to respond of this query : Why are you here?
Only your research in this universe you will be able to answer this question.

Why are you here?

This question you will investigate about your character that you play. During your adventure in this lost universe you must find many sculptures about the life of your character to understand why you are here and what should i do.

The graphics are as realistic as possible !

You have a vast world for you with an Mediterranean wildlife and flora wild. Reliefs is a platform game where you must successfully climb a huge cliffs or ruins for achieve the puzzles or find some secrets. Also, Reliefs is a puzzle game, these puzzles are based on the physique , math or the logic. Your only tools is a bow, arrows and ropes to climb on the cliffs. But you can recuperate and collect many items, places, statues and much more. But also create a some objects to help you in your exploration like the ropes, torches,... . The graphics are as realistic as possible to make your travel in the wonderful and exotic world.

The Reliefs is only available for 2017.

- For Windows, Mac and Linux.
- For the best experience, Reliefs have no text in game.(Except for the menu and the options or puzzles). And Reliefs will be translated in some languages for everyone.
- Many options for all computer configurations.

Not yet available ...

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What is Carton ?

Enter into the universe of cardboard, the ground, grass, trees, characters, everything is cardboard ! Make and explore your continent for finding a place where you can build your town. Survive of seasons and the night attack of goblins. Create a warrior group and assault the goblin castle ! Build, harvest and protect your people against the goblin attacks. But later, when you have created your warrior group, you can defend yourself by attacking their castle of these monsters in a 3D world with the only universe of cardboard with no limit of time, you need just to survive as long as possible to solve the principal quest.

Humanity need you !

In they deep cavern, goblins found a strange stone. This stone has the ability to make a big portal in order to teleport the matter in huge distance quickly. In this moment of history, the Man was the master of the world and goblins was hiding. To reverse the humanity, the goblins use this stone to appear directly in the city of man. The man had no chance to survive of this wave. Almost all towns of men fall, but the humanity successful to find a teleport stone and use them...

All environments are of cardboard !

Enter into the game entirely of cardboard, the ground, the sky, peoples, tree and grass, all environments are of cardboard. A game they blend tower defense, survival game and platform game genres ! You can generate random your map with many options (Cliff, tree, grass, ruins) and choose where you want to build your village. Buy many lands and create your city around your portal. If you want to survive few years you must cultivate fruit for eating and grass for your sheep or cows, but also the tree to build or repair your structures. However, the autumn and winter the vegetation not grow !

Carton is available !

- Carton is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
- Translate from English and French.
- Many options for all computer configurations.
- Available on Steam in Steam Store and WinGameStore.

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