Download the RELIEFS Press kit (December 2022)
Adventure | Exploration | Ambience | Action | Platformer RELIEFS The Time of the Lemures

Exploration, puzzle and adventure game in a semi-open world in the first person. Travel on foot or on horseback through an enchanting and gigantic environments inspired by the Calanques region in France. Visit and climb monumental ruins of the Roman temples forgotten for centuries. And solve the ancient puzzles to understand the purpose of your journey.

Main Features :

- Vertical and dynamic gameplay. Run, jump, climb the cliff reliefs or ruined temples to find your way.

- Use the torches or your bow with grapple arrows to help you to explore this unique universe.

- Enchanting and beautiful environments inspired by the Calanques region in France.

- Unique and heavy sound environment, with the reverberation reacting to your environment.

- Use your horse to explore this gigantic and semi-open world.

- Detailed and monumental Roman ruins, as realistic as possible.

- Varied puzzles and related to the purpose of your journey that could lead you to a dark and scary universe.

- More than ten levels to explore as you wish, all related to different Roman gods or goddesses.


History :

Barbarian invasions have reduced the known world to ashes, the empire is fragmented and divided. Use the ancient usages could save the souls of the departed, and imploring the old gods should revive a world in decline. Only you have the opportunity to walk on the sacred archipelago and enter in the underworld in order to perform the ritual. The time of the Lemures is approaching!

Explore :

Explore Roman temples abandoned for hundreds of years. Inspired by existing constructions and faithfully modeled on a real scale. Vegetation and time have taken over these monuments, but they are still standing and ready to reveal their secrets!

Environment :

Two distinct universes are to be visited. One is wild and verdant, inspired by the Calanques region in France. An archipelago of islands made of huge white cliffs, deep rift and huge valleys with a Mediterranean vegetation. And the other is very dark, a black world where everything is dead. The wraiths roam these lands forever, and the end awaits you at every corner.

Gameplay :

It's a vertical world, where you have to climb cliffs or temples to reach your goal and solve the puzzles. Run, jump, swim, crouch to pass the obstacles. Equip your bow and use your grapple arrows to gain access to inaccessible areas. Use the torches to explore very dark places or ride your horse to travel through the gigantic environments!

Puzzles :

Many temples are in ruins and you will have to use your logic to move around this universe. Use your environment and the old technologies to open the huge doors, move heavy objects or reactivate the forgotten mechanisms.

Developer's note :

Alone to work on this monumental game for almost 10 years, the game continues to evolve thanks to your support and your suggestions every month! Feel free to follow us to check the latest updates and add this game to your wishlist if you like!

Download the RELIEFS Press kit (December 2022)

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