Calepin studio : French indie game development company.
Calepin Studio
Calepin Studio is a french indie game development company created in 2016.




Explore a lost world, where the time is stopped at the fall of the Roman Empire. Where the large towns once full of men are now swallowed up by the vegetation, the earth or the water.

Reliefs is a first person puzzle, adventure and platform game. Explore these ruins to learn more about her and you! What is the choice that led these great civilisation to extinction?

Collect some objects to resolve the puzzles in the world or to make a arrows, ropes, torches in order to continue your adventure. This arrows and ropes allow you to climb on the ruins or cliffs to explore the vertical world.

Reliefs soon available!


Reliefs early access will be available at the end of December in 2017 on Steam!

With this early access, every week or month of 2018, a new update for Reliefs will be available and will add a new objects, puzzles, environments and more...

For more information about the development of Reliefs game, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.

Language : Various
Game size : 1GB or 2GB

Minimum configuration :
- Processor : Double core
- Memory : 2 GB de mémoire
- Graphic : ATI or Nvidia 1 GB
Recommended configuration :
- Processor : Quad core
- Memory : 6 GB de mémoire
- Graphic : ATI or Nvidia 3 GB