Calepin studio : French indie game development company.
Calepin Studio
Calepin Studio is a french indie game development company created in 2016.




Enter into the universe of cardboard, grass, trees, characters, everything is cardboard! Survive of seasons and the night attack of goblins.

Make and explore your continent for finding a place where you can build your town. Build, harvest and protect your people against the goblin attacks.

When you have created your warrior group, you can defend yourself by attacking their castle of these monsters in a 3D world with the only universe of cardboard.

Carton on TwistedPawn!

03 06 2018

Carton is now available on the new store : TwistedPawn

Autumn sale !

11 22 2017

For the autumn sale, Carton is available at -50% on Steam!
The link :

Summer sale !

06 22 2017

For the summer sale, Carton is available at -75% !

Carton at small price!

03 24 2017

Carton is available in The Dark Triumph Bundle on IndieGala at small price for a limited time!
The link :

Linux and Mac ?

02 05 2017

Yes, Carton is now available on Linux and Mac!

Carton need you !

01 18 2017

Hello everyone !
Carton will be soon available for Linux and Mac !
However, i need some people to test the Mac version of Carton. The Linux 32 and 64 bit version works perfectly, only the Mac version of Carton has any display problems. To fix this last detail, i run this test : This test is only for Mac user.
4 people can test the Mac version of Carton game during a few days.
Everyone can participate, you need just a Mac computer and send me a message at this email address :
This mail need to contain your Mac version and your mail address to contact you with the instructions if you are selected.
(Example : MAC OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion, 64 bit. addressmail@thing.stuff)
At the end of this test, to thank those 4 people, They will receive a gift, one key of Carton game ! I thank you all participants and wish you a good year 2017 !

Carton -10%

12 22 2016

For Christmas, Carton is available at -10% !
(From 22 December 2016 to 2 January 2017)

Carton FAQ :

10 26 2016

Where is the Mac and Linux version ?
After few weeks of work to make the MAC and Linux version of Carton, i have many problems with this version. Carton run perfectly on Linux and Mac, but with the Steam, Carton he doesn't work..., it's the problem. Why, on your Greenlight Carton project you say : Run on Windows, Mac and Linux ?
Yes Carton run on the Windows, Mac and Linux OS, but it's my first game on Steam, when I created the Greenlight page, i thought it would work on Steam. I was wrong. And now, the Mac and Linux version will never be available ?
I do not lose hope to release the Mac and Linux version of Carton but it will take much more time. When ?
I continue to work on the Mac and Linux version of Carton but I start a new game project very different of Carton. I think not before 2017.

Carton UPDATE 1.0.15

10 10 2016

- Better French and English translation.
- Fix tutorial display in platform mod.
- More large attack zone for the warrior in platform mod.

Carton UPDATE 1.0.12

10 07 2016

This update adds some new features and many bugs fixes :
- You can now change the difficulty of your party.
- Add a new loading window.
- Introduction movie size is more small.
- Interface problem in the map menu is fixed.
- The cost of armor is more less.
- The cost of new character is more less.
- Add a new window in select mode to quickly see the resources.
- Information in English language is better translated.
- Fix the tutorial error in group and battle menu.
- Fix many collision bugs in the platform mod.
- Archer can't shoot through the wall and door.
- The warrior has a more bigger attack zone.
- Add some information in platform mod.

Carton UPDATE : 1.0.01

10 04 2016

New small update for Carton !
- Keyboard correction : Now you can change every key in the option menu.
Sorry for this unexpected problem.

Carton is now available !

10 02 2016

Carton is now available !
Thank you everyone, and i hope you like Carton !

Language : English, French
Game size : 500 MB

Minimum configuration :
- Processor : Double core
- Memory : 512 GB de mémoire
- Graphic : ATI or Nvidia 512 MB
Recommended configuration :
- Processor : Quad core
- Memory : 2 GB de mémoire
- Graphic : ATI or Nvidia 2 GB

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